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Solomon's work in identifying the cause of Antarctica's springtime ozone losses helped bring about a global ban on manmade ozonedepleting chemicals. Working most of her career at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder, Colo., Solomon proposed in a 1986 study that refrigerants and other industrial chemicals were responsible for the Antarctic ozone hole discovered a year earlier. She led two expeditions to Antarctica, in 1986 and 1987, bringing back key measurements that proved her hypothesis.

The OMB says that on 12/31/2006 the debt was $8.5 trillion. That is a runup of $2.7 trillion in six years, or roughly $450 billion a year. The PROBLEM is that on 12/31/2008 the debt was $10 trillion. Then, when he's just four feet from the ground, he managed to turn the two chairs into a jetpropelled hang glider, which swoops up into the air, and soars higher and higher. While in the sky, Affy uses the jets to spell the phrase "Thanks for coming, ladies and gents!", to thank the crowd which is clapping and yelling happily. Affy then executes a wonderous landing on a target he painted on the ground, turns off the jetengine, waves to the crowd, bows, and manages to make it back to the benches before collapsing from exhaustion.

Thing I love about Sky work is that it not just good high school artwork, it good artwork, said Summers. Great artwork. And I could see it at any gallery or art show. The marriage ceremony was simple. The parents presented the girl to her fianc, just saying "This man is your husband". The newlyweds then went into the woods for their honeymoon and to hunt together.

President of Bayport James L. Porter was quoted as saying, "We are all excited over this latest acquisition. Both the Spring Sage and WOW claims were originally chosen for the significant amount of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) that we believe are present, but having good amounts of gold and silver within the claims is an added plus.

There are a lot a LOT of Civil War web sites. On my main page, I link to a few of them I read pretty regularly, and I plan to add more in the next couple of months. But the guy I found most interesting, perceptive and surprising when it comes to Civil War discussions isn a Civil War blogger per se..

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